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Please ensure you have informed yourself of these terms and conditions before booking ANY appointment. By booking and paying your deposit for ANY appointment you are agreeing to the below Terms and Conditions.




  • All appointments require a non refundable £10 deposit. 

  • If your appointment does not require a deposit when booking online, you will have to be fitted in at our earliest convenience.

  • In order to reschedule an appointment this must be done via email to we do not accept changes via DM. You will not be able to do so via the booking system.

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment as we can generally be hard to find! Any issues feel free to contact via DM.

  • No SHOW clients will be blacklisted and unable to book in future.

  • We do NOT accept walk in appointments. Any last minute appointments will need to be booked with Holly directly via DM.

  • It is the clients responsibility to ensure they arrive at the booked date and time.

  • As Holly is currently half way through her pregnancy, there may come an occasion where she may need to cancel due to an emergency. Holly also works regularly with celebrities and may be called in to work on an ad-hoc basis. In the situation ONLY, you will be refunded your deposit and able to rebook without paying a deposit.




  • Holly will try her hardest to replicate an image or style of makeup you have shown her but please be aware, the Kardashians don't look like that in real life! 

  • HJLashes are always included in the price. You will not receive discount for wearing individual lashes or by bringing your own. Holly is happy to apply another brand for you. 

  • Holly will always give you the opportunity to make changes to your makeup at the end or as we go if you are not happy with it. If you leave the salon and later complain to Holly about the makeup there is nothing she can do.

  • Makeup appointments will NOT be refunded under any circumstances. 

  • If Holly notices there is an issue or a client is unhappy she will try her best to resurrect it. Please be aware anyone being rude, aggressive or sassy will be asked to leave, regardless of how much they have had done.

  • BRIDAL TRIALS!Firstly, Congratulations!  Holly will be more than happy to assist you by whatever means possible for your big day. The following policy above also applies to all bridal clients, however their cancellation policy is much longer than the general 24 hour period. Brides will be expected to cancel with up to ONE WEEK in order to receive their non refundable deposit back. 

  • Any changes to venue, head count etc all needs to be made within the same time frame otherwise they will be charged original costs. 




  • We are not responsible for the way in which you use any product or hair you purchase via us. We do not accept responsibility for any damage that may occur after installation of our services, as a result of misuse or failure to adhere to our instructions.


  • Full Aftercare instructions are provided upon hair extension installation. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that only the correct products are used on the hair and guidelines are followed at all times. Should you have any queries on any aspects of your hair care Holly is more than happy to assist you.


  • Due to the nature of hair extensions we CANNOT accept the return of any hair extensions as they are classed as a Hygienic Product. Holly is more than happy to provide assistance in the matching of your hair. However, it is the purchasers decision as to which colour to choose for purchase. Please ensure you are happy with the colour match before purchasing your hair extensions as changes cannot be made once they have been taken away from the shop. If the hair arrives and Holly thinks it is not of a high standard quality or colour wise, she will discuss further steps with you. This may include exchanging the hair colour for another and rearranging your fitting appointment. 


  • Holly will not be held responsible for hair that has been damaged due to the following reasons: In-corrrect Aftercare Products being used, Hair/bonds that have been coloured, this includes the use of ‘blonde’ shampoos, Hair that shows signs of heat damage ie sunbed use or the over use of heated appliances, Hair that has been worn while the client has been abroad, Hair that has been exposed to chlorine, Hair that has been snapped/broken due to lack of client care.


  • Where there is a request to re-use the extension hair Holly will only re-use the hair if we deem it still in suitable condition, no matter if its lifespan has been reached or not.  The client is responsible for ensuring the hair is kept in nice condition via the correct at home aftercare and if the hair is too dry or snapped due to incorrect aftercare we may refuse re-application as the hairs condition is a reflection on the brand and the salon. You are more than welcome to take the hair away with you when it is removed as an alternative.

  • If you book an appointment by bringing your own hair, Holly is not responsible for the colour match or quality whatsoever. This is entirely at the clients discretion. What has been done to the hair previously or who has fitted it has nothing to do with Holly's application. Your fitting warrantee may be affected by this. 

  • If your own hair is in need of a break and some TLC, Holly has every right to turn you away or refuse to refit your hair. This is usually based on clients that leave the maintenance period for too long or do not follow aftercare correctly. 


  • We are not able to fit any form of hair extensions (unless its clip in hair) to anyone under the age of 16. For clients between the ages of 16-18 we are able to fit a weave and tapes and this is only with the prior permission of a parent or guardian. If you are making a booking and are between the ages of 16-18 please contact us to arrange for the appropriate paperwork to be filled in by your parent or guardian.


  • All prices are subject to changes without notice, a full accurate quote will be given after a full in-depth consultation is carried out on your hair.



You will need to book a consultation with Holly. This is so we can go over what kind of hair extension is right for you and answer any questions you may have. The consultation process takes about 20 minutes.


During the consultation you will get to see and touch the hair extensions that are right for your hair type. We will provide you with a detailed listing of how much everything will cost.


Your hair extension service will include:


  • The hair itself 

  • Hair extension application

  • Cut in and shape of hair extensions

  • Style out

  • Education on how to take care of your extensions


Any other services received will be extra. In addition, hair extension maintenances and removals are extra. Once an appropriate hair extension method is selected yourself and Holly will choose a colour that is perfect. A deposit is made (usually about 50% of the total cost) and an appointment is made to have your hair extensions installed. If for any reason the hair arrives and you are not happy with the colour match, (on the day of fitting ONLY) we are able to send back. Once hair has been removed from packaging and you have left the salon, we cannot exchange the hair colour. However we can advise options to tone or blend better with a dye.



Holly asks that all new hair extension clients book a hair extension consultation before scheduling their first hair extension application – even if you have worn or are currently wearing hair extensions.

This is done so we can make sure that the proper hair extension product is being used to suit your lifestyle and desired results. Holly prides herself on keeping up on the latest hair extension innovations and trends. We want to make sure you are getting the best hair extension service available and that’s why we highly recommend a consultation. You will get to speak face to face with Holly so she can go over your hair extension needs, desired results, length, pricing, and care.



  • All hair extension services require the purchase of a basic hair care regimen in order to guarantee the application.

  • Any queries over the quality of hair purchased will have to be taken up with the hair brand directly. This is not Hollys responsibility.

  • Provided you have purchased required care products and followed appropriate aftercare, Holly offers a 4 week limited warranty on all hair extension products and services. If there is anything wrong with the quality of workmanship within this time period Holly will fix at no additional charge.

  • Problems that may occur after 4 weeks but under 12 may be eligible for a 25% discount.

  • Holly does not guarantee you will like hair extensions, however, she guarantees top quality and workmanship of your hair extensions.

  • You will be provided with a daily list of care instructions.

  • A free follow up appointment is provided and required within 2 weeks of your appointment for any new hair application.

  • New extension clients are required to book a 1 week check up in order for the Hair Extension Warranty to be valid.

  • Holly will not be responsible for the cost of a hair extension removal if the you decide that hair extensions are not for you. Rest assured we will do everything we can to make sure you are happy with your extension service.

  • Absolutely NO REFUNDS are available for hair extensions deposits and services.



All hair extension systems require a certain level of maintenance and care. Holly will go over all these details during your consult and application, you will also be given a care email with all the info on.

We want to make sure you hair extensions are performing properly.


There are three causes of hair extension damage:

  • Improper application

  • Improper care

  • Improper removal


Holly asks that you come in for regular scheduled maintenance and to always have your extensions professionally removed.

All maintenance must be done by Holly. In some cases you may need to have work done at another salon. We ask that you call the salon and we will work to find you a salon certified in the type of hair extensions you are wearing. Holly will not be responsible for ANY damage caused by another technician, including colour.



You will be provided with an aftercare leaflet, but please note these below;

  • Do not wash your new hair extensions for 48 hours after the initial installation.

  • Purchase and properly use recommend hair care regimen.

  • Brushing your hair extensions 2 to 3 times a day is necessary. Holly can recommend a brush for this.

  • Keep conditioners and any oil based products away from where the hair extension attaches to your own hair.

  • Curling irons and flat irons can be used on a medium heat setting. When using a hot tool be sure to stay at least 1 – 2 inches away from the bond attachment site.

  • We recommend all hair colour services be done by a professional and prior to extension application. Due to the complex nature of hair extensions, do not attempt to colour your own hair at home.

  • Try to avoid getting your hair extensions in the pool or ocean. Chlorine and salt are very abrasive on hair extensions. If you must, ask your stylist about the best way to protect your hair extensions without compromising your hair extensions.

  • Regular hydrating hair masks are advised to keep hair asa soft as possible with little breakage.




Due to the nature of hair extensions there are times that you may lose a few bonds or slipping may occur. New hair extension clients experience things like this more than clients who have been wearing hair extensions for a while.

Losing hair extensions or slippage of any kind is the exception not the rule. If it is 1-2 this is normal. PLEASE keep whatever extensions you have lost and bring them to their next scheduled visit. If it is more than that then the client should call Holly immediately. More than likely there’s a couple care things in their care regimen that is going to need to be adjusted.


If the bond failure or slipping is due to workmanship we will gladly fix it at no charge. If it was the client’s fault then we offer what is called a quick fix. For a small fee we will reapply (if possible) the hair extensions they are having trouble with.

Quick fixes available for any client who has had a small problem with their extensions. Quick fixes do not include styling. Please make sure to come in with clean, dry, oil free hair. Quick fixes take less than 15 minutes and are free of charge in most cases.


Most problems with hair extensions happen within the first couple of weeks. Your hair extension experience should be fun and easy. Here is what you need to do if you experience any issues with your hair extensions.


  • Remain calm and call Holly. Most problems can be fixed very easily.

  • Grab a bobbi pin and secure the loose extension back into place. If the extension is no longer attached be sure to keep it and bring it in with you.

  • If something doesn’t seem right just give Holly a call. You will go through a troubleshooting process that will get you back to glam in no time.

  • Little things happen from time to time so if you need to schedule a “quick fix” appointment or if you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact Holly directly.



All hair extensions should be removed by Holly or a trained professional. Please do not ever attempt to remove your hair extensions at home. Improper removal of hair extension can cause severe damage to your own hair.


Hair extension removals start at £20/hour and to up to £100/hour depending upon the type of system you have in your hair.
Holly cannot be responsible for the cost of  the hair extension removal if the you decide that hair extensions are not for you. Rest assured we will do everything we can to make sure you are happy with your extension service.

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